11 July 2013

Documenting Life

Documenting Life........ A Chaotic Life :) 

I love the idea of Project Life. Absolutely think its the best idea yet to document those little moments in life that we forget about as time moves forward. I am also completely overwhelmed by it. LOL. So of course, I had to find a small scale way to do it. I have completed daily daybooks for all months up to and including June. But I also find that I get creative block, or complete memory loss. I either forget to take pictures, or I forget what I did on certain days. (They say once you have kids your memory is not what it use to be.....Me, personally, I think that actually happened in my teens, but I will gladly blame the kids lol) So of course, I had to find a way to take the idea and make it smaller. Something I don't have to be so committed to. SN@P Studio by Simple Stories has a colorful and fun line of binders, colorful pages, insert pocket pages, and of course stickers galore. (YAY!!!) I have used their products in my daybooks, scrapbook pages and smash pages. Recently with my coupon in hand, I purchased a Sn@p binder. LOVE IT!!!! Then I got an idea. (luckily, I was back at the store before I could forget what I was there for again!!) I bought a second one and additional insert pocket pages. I put all the protector insert pages in my red one. And I now use that one to document my every day life. (If I skip a day...oh well) And I put all the pretty and fun pages in the second book (orange) and that is now my All about me, whatever I feel like book, Welcome to my chaotic life book. I will still make daybooks. Because well, I am addicted to all things paper. But on those days, I just don't have the time......or energy....or the memory......well.....I only need to fill a 3x4 space, and that is so much less intimidating.

I used Heidi Swapp's Color Shine (primrose) to spray the Hello Journal card with a gear back ground. 

Still a work in progress but my Top 5 Guilty Pleasures Page

The above pictures are all from the orange Sn@p binder I am using for my "All about Me" Chaotic life book. I hope to upload pictures from my Red Sn@p binder that is more like a project life book in small scale soon.  I also have pictures to upload from my May and June Daily's and my daughter Alyssa's Memory file book from her 14th Birthday. 

Happy Scrappin everyone!!!!!

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