11 December 2012

December Daily Continued

December Daily
Days 6 - 9

Day 6

Day 7 and Day 8

Day 9 (putting my husband to work while he visits us in NC)

Kids were VERY happy to have daddy home :)

The night before he had to go back to NY

Busy Busy Day 10. (notice the temperature...it DOES NOT feel like Christmas LOL) 

06 December 2012

We are BACK!!!

Alyssa and I are finally back and ready to begin again. What a long tiresome move this was. We are finally all set up again in North Carolina.

Currently, I am working on my December Daily. (September and October's will be posted at a later date - November was a blur, so no daily for that month)

On to our current Daily!!

We chose to use a spiral bound book form. I tend to over stuff my books so to make room for the Holiday Season and our upcoming trip to NY, I made sure there was extra room.  The cover is not finished, but its a "start" LOL

The inside cover shows pictures of my attempts at decorating. I have not found all my decorations yet and having a mantle is a new adventure for decorating. I will have to be on the lookout for larger items next year. The Oh My Pocket hides journaling cards. 

The Red and Green Circles are individual pages. For December 3rd, I hadn't taken any pictures, so I listed my three favorite Holiday songs!!

For the 4th Casanova, my husky pup, I journaled his first trip to the vet. (My arm is still recovering) and for the 5th, I figured one picture says it all.......Laundry day can be very profitable in this house :) Extra Christmas Money !!!! 

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