27 June 2012

Tonight I went on a Pinterest Frenzy LOL and pinned a TON of ideas. I have almost completed another page in the Blue Retro book, however, I don't like the way my pictures are coming out on this blog, so I am working on uploading/editing properly. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! I will post the new page soon...but I based the page theme on....I like pretty things using a quote from Audrey Hepburn. Happy Smashing everyone!!

26 June 2012

Ideas from Image Search for Smash Pages.....
Coffee n' Currently

Dylan's Smash Page
Alyssa's Smash Page

Yay!!! Finally figured out how to upload my photos from my Kodak PlaySport. Here we go: This is the cover from my first Smash Book:

23 June 2012

Under things I like to hoard Collect....
Well, its 3:30 in the morning and I am up yet again. I saw a cute quote today "Sleep is the result of caffeine deprivation". I liked the quote so much I made an art journal entry around the theme. Tomorrow or um, later today will be the first day of "NO SMOKING". (Good luck to the hubby, kids and dogs). So, I plan to spend the day under the premise of "All About Me". I plan to smash/journal, read my current book, and surf the net to keep my mind off smoking and my hands busy busy busy. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to upload a few pictures from my art/smash journals to get this blog going. Heading to sleep........I hope.
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