11 September 2012

Alyssa's Daybook

My Gal Pal......

I am currently working on a daybook for my favorite gal, my daughter Alyssa. Here is a sneak peak. I am hoping to upload a video tomorrow. I want to use as much natural light to get as close to the actual colors in the book as possible. Here is the cover. 

09 September 2012

How to use Rafflecopter for Day Book Give A Way


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have noticed that some are leaving comments but not using the log in under the picture to enter. In order to be entered you must use either the Facebook button or the email button to be entered through Rafflecopter.  This is a video that explains how to enter using Rafflecopter. Hope this helps!!!

How to Enter Rafflecopter Giveaways from Rafflecopter on Vimeo.

Its that time again.........Day Book Give A Way!!!

Ok, Alyssa and I have decided to give away our favorite Day book that we made. And it seems to be a favorite of our blog. The Butterfly Day book. We are trying something new this time. Rafflecopter!! Its a free give away tool and we are excited to try it. Good Luck To ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

******Please remember, you have to make sure we are able to get in contact with you. Alyssa and I need to be able to contact the winner  when the drawing is complete. Commenting is also mandatory so that we can be sure you were included. This is our FIRST use of Rafflecopter and we want to make sure its a pleasurable experience for all. If you have any questions you can contact me and annehotchkiss25@gmail.com.
GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

07 September 2012

Moving Day Book

The important things in life......

So I walked in to my craft room this morning with all intentions of starting to pack a "few" things up. I started to pull out a few binders and boxes that hold my stickers and embellishments and got a lil' distracted. Ok, fine, I got a lot distracted. My Moving day book was sitting on the desk. <Sigh> I was productive this morning......just not on packing.   hehe

Moving Day Book

COVER (Found some Thickers at Marshalls) 

Inside Cover ( Sold sign and leaving NY) 

First Page - My reminder to myself to be brave.....it is a big move. 


Some of the inside unfinished pages. 


Luckily for me, I need color ink. I am unable to print out photos I want to place in the book. Maybe I will get some packing done today after all :)

****Reminder.......Monday Alyssa and I will be unveiling our last Day Book Give a way prior to our "big" move.  I will post pictures of the book we will be giving away this Monday. September 10th

03 September 2012

We will be having one more junque journal give a way soon.....


Hi All !!!

Things have been busy around here with our upcoming move from NY to NC. Before we go, Alyssa and I are going to do one more give a way!!! One more junque journal/daybook give a way with embellishments and fun stuff. Check back and we will post the entry information soon......

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