27 July 2012

I just had to share. The Day Book bug has infested my house. My 13 year old daughter, an artist by nature has decided to get in on the day book bug and make some books to capture her last minute NY memories. Here is the results of Day book 1 for her.

24 July 2012

My most recent day book. <sigh> I really need to stop making these, but I have so much paper and this is such a great way to use it. They are like mini smash books.....LOL. So far this one has the best stitching yet (straight for a change lol)

YAY, Straight :)

23 July 2012

Fabric Day Book

This is a view of the whole book ...each page cascades, pages get a little big longer each time :)

Ooops I did it again.....this is getting really really bad LOL

22 July 2012

OOOOO Very  busy weekend. Hubby became quite the "enabler". He could not stand all my car hopping to track down the best deal on a tool set (punch set, paper piercer, craft knife, etc) so, he just finally gave up and bought the one he saw in AC Moore.  Hmmmm Maybe I should send him shopping more often????!!

Well, I FINALLY was able to hand stitch my own day books. First one came out "eh". The other two I like. I didn't make them that large because I plan to fill them up with all the Long Island and Manhattan stuff we do (we are going to act like tourists and go see it all) before we move.

So here are my weekend projects:


Map Covered Day Book

I didn't like the stitching so I covered with Washi :)


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