Alyssa and Anne's Junk Journals

So its been a "rough" year for my daughter. She has gone through a lot hurt and sorrow and managed to keep her smile plastered on her face. During some of her more difficult times we have bonded over crafting. My beautiful daughter was born an artist. She has done paintings and drawings that have blown my husband and I away. So when she wanted to get into crafting her own books (she is a journal hoarder, buys every kind of journal you could imagine to write and draw in) I was all for it!!! We have begun to team up and make a "few" (ok, fine LOTS) of journals. For binding tips, techniques AND a tutorial.  I again must direct you to Mimi's Tutorials.

Brown Kraft Paper Journal 5x7

brown craft paper. This picture came out a bit yellow and I had adjusted it so I am not sure what happened.

Punched pages and details added to plain pages.

Cupcake page :)

The book opened and fanned out

 Smaller Junque Journal/Day books. 

4x6 inches

Perfect to throw in a purse!!

My favorite cover. Butterfly Punch Window

LOVE having lots of space to write


Love adding in ephemera whenever I can!!

Sideways Shot of the binding to see the bakers string we used.

 This is the book we will use to make our video tutorial. I learned the technique from Mimi  AKA The Scrapinator5000. Alyssa and I are going to focus on how we stack pages on the needle before threading, this helps with thicker books which Alyssa and I both PREFER!!

The book Alyssa made me when I was away in Atlantic city :) <3

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