10 February 2014

Current Projeccts

February Daily

Because I made the daily, I am going to complete it for the month....HOWEVER. I did something I had sworn I was going to wait on......because I procrastinate too much....because I don't know if I will keep up with the project...because I always feel bad if I spend too much money.....but then I broke down and just did it....because I had that magic word....COUPON. I finally bought Project Life Kit. I saw in AC Moore today that they had a whole project life section. I love being able to check out what I am buying...see it in front of me. (Yes, I am a holdout on buying mainly on line. ) Another shopper and I were standing there as if a ROCK STAR was in front of us. (Ok, so it may have been a while since I have been to the craft store.......) I had just gotten back from the doctor and was waiting on my prescription. I knew I had to give the pharmacy time to fill it....so I stopped at the craft store.......and two hours later....still not ready on my prescription....I had all the makings for my own project life kit. ....  :) Pictures of that to come soon.

I will also be creating another book (with Alyssa's influence meaning its geared for the teen set)  for a give a way. So stay tuned.......

On to the Daily pictures....

04 February 2014

Lil Book of Lists page view

Lil Book of lists......List 1-7

Just a quick sneak peak of the lists I have been working on from my new lil list book. 

01 February 2014

My Lil Book of Lists

Page One and Two

A quick look at a couple of pages that I am working on…..

Page 1: Right now….

I hear, I see, I can touch, I smell…

Page 2
Sorry about the mess but we live here….

Working on….
3 Places that I feel at Home :)

30 January 2014

Book of Lists (30 days of Lists)

Up all Night

Craft Room Re-do and Second book of lists :)

Well, I can officially now say I am addicted to list books. I like the idea of it. Its quick, easy, and somewhat like keeping a diary. Plus I get to use up all my scraps!!!!! YAY!!  Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I decided if my craft room was cleaner, I would use it more. So what started out as straightening up a few little sections, turned into an all night event. We have been "snowed in" so to speak for three days. Its NC and we got two inches. I am feeling a bit closed in. So where do I escape ….. my favorite room in the house.

Back to the list book :)  I wanted to make a small enough one to fit in my bag so I could keep it with me in case inspiration hits. Now in reality, my bag could probably fit one of my children in it with room to spare,  but I wanted to keep it small so that I could keep it with me. Ok, maybe not so much for when inspiration hits but more for when I think of a great list idea and can't remember the great idea by the time I get home, or five minutes later, for that matter.  I added lots of pockets and a large piece of graph paper so I could write down ideas for lists. Every page in it is scraps from my scrap box. Including a couple of pages from an Amy Tangerine daybook that my dog had gotten a hold of and played keep away with for a half an hour. (He wouldn't even give it up for a bone!!!) The poor book couldn't be saved, but I did cut down some of the pages he had left untouched. I was actually more upset that I didn't think to take a picture. 

25 January 2014

30 days of lists modified (Just saying…)

Cover of my 30 days of lists……Named it Just saying
Hi All!!!!
Been very lax with my blog lately, but thanks to a really nice Christmas gift from the hubby I hope that will change. (A Nikon Camera….I feel like a grownup now!!!) Now on to the latest project.  As always, I love the idea of 30 days of lists, but am not dedicated enough to do it daily. So of course, I modified it. I decided to call my project…Just saying.

My 10 years ago page……(This to that adhesives to layer the clouds)

11 July 2013

Documenting Life

Documenting Life........ A Chaotic Life :) 

I love the idea of Project Life. Absolutely think its the best idea yet to document those little moments in life that we forget about as time moves forward. I am also completely overwhelmed by it. LOL. So of course, I had to find a small scale way to do it. I have completed daily daybooks for all months up to and including June. But I also find that I get creative block, or complete memory loss. I either forget to take pictures, or I forget what I did on certain days. (They say once you have kids your memory is not what it use to be.....Me, personally, I think that actually happened in my teens, but I will gladly blame the kids lol) So of course, I had to find a way to take the idea and make it smaller. Something I don't have to be so committed to. SN@P Studio by Simple Stories has a colorful and fun line of binders, colorful pages, insert pocket pages, and of course stickers galore. (YAY!!!) I have used their products in my daybooks, scrapbook pages and smash pages. Recently with my coupon in hand, I purchased a Sn@p binder. LOVE IT!!!! Then I got an idea. (luckily, I was back at the store before I could forget what I was there for again!!) I bought a second one and additional insert pocket pages. I put all the protector insert pages in my red one. And I now use that one to document my every day life. (If I skip a day...oh well) And I put all the pretty and fun pages in the second book (orange) and that is now my All about me, whatever I feel like book, Welcome to my chaotic life book. I will still make daybooks. Because well, I am addicted to all things paper. But on those days, I just don't have the time......or energy....or the memory......well.....I only need to fill a 3x4 space, and that is so much less intimidating.

I used Heidi Swapp's Color Shine (primrose) to spray the Hello Journal card with a gear back ground. 

Still a work in progress but my Top 5 Guilty Pleasures Page

The above pictures are all from the orange Sn@p binder I am using for my "All about Me" Chaotic life book. I hope to upload pictures from my Red Sn@p binder that is more like a project life book in small scale soon.  I also have pictures to upload from my May and June Daily's and my daughter Alyssa's Memory file book from her 14th Birthday. 

Happy Scrappin everyone!!!!!

03 May 2013

Cloud "Mini" Daybook..

For my May Daily, I decided to do a mini version of the day book. I went to my first ever crop night and met a lot of really nice ladies. Learned a few new techniques and was actually able to finish sewing a daybook. This book is slightly smaller then I am use to making and working with.  My goal is to post updates throughout the month on the progress I make in my book. Here is the daybook I made that I will be using throughout the month.


Hello page was made using Silhouette Cameo.

Banner Page also made using Cameo

My favorite new page to do, a white graph or writing paper page cut to resemble a cloud.      
Happy Scrapping everyone :)

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