07 September 2012

Moving Day Book

The important things in life......

So I walked in to my craft room this morning with all intentions of starting to pack a "few" things up. I started to pull out a few binders and boxes that hold my stickers and embellishments and got a lil' distracted. Ok, fine, I got a lot distracted. My Moving day book was sitting on the desk. <Sigh> I was productive this morning......just not on packing.   hehe

Moving Day Book

COVER (Found some Thickers at Marshalls) 

Inside Cover ( Sold sign and leaving NY) 

First Page - My reminder to myself to be brave.....it is a big move. 


Some of the inside unfinished pages. 


Luckily for me, I need color ink. I am unable to print out photos I want to place in the book. Maybe I will get some packing done today after all :)

****Reminder.......Monday Alyssa and I will be unveiling our last Day Book Give a way prior to our "big" move.  I will post pictures of the book we will be giving away this Monday. September 10th


  1. Okay I love the cupcake and flower paper! I need to find some of that. And I love how you tuned the paper to make triangles. Brilliant my dear! The cover is fab!!!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    Reminder: www.cutecolors.com has free scrap booking gif :) GUESS WHO????

  3. @ mimi i couldn't post before so I left it in Daybook Delights, but those flower and cupcake pages are large die cuts I found in Michaels. They usually sell them in sets of 20. And the shapes change every few weeks. I had to have those cupcakes though. @anonymous lol....Hi Patty. Give my second son a kiss

  4. Love your moving book and the work you've almost done! Keep on working, it's so beautiful! Good luck in your new way! :-) Hugs!

  5. Thank you all!!!! As usual, while packing last night, I got distracted........but on the bright side, I have more pages done !!!! hehehehehe


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