11 December 2012

December Daily Continued

December Daily
Days 6 - 9

Day 6

Day 7 and Day 8

Day 9 (putting my husband to work while he visits us in NC)

Kids were VERY happy to have daddy home :)

The night before he had to go back to NY

Busy Busy Day 10. (notice the temperature...it DOES NOT feel like Christmas LOL) 


  1. Nice pages! You guys are doing good keeping up. Me? Not so much!

  2. LOL mimi, I just read my title. Days 5 - 9 and I realized the pictures go up to 10.(maybe I should switch to espresso??) I am slowly trying to keep up. I lost so many pictures of our move (took em, don't know where i put them). But I will fill the NC daybook with whatever I can find. I think I need more coffee!!!!!!!!!!!


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