30 January 2014

Book of Lists (30 days of Lists)

Up all Night

Craft Room Re-do and Second book of lists :)

Well, I can officially now say I am addicted to list books. I like the idea of it. Its quick, easy, and somewhat like keeping a diary. Plus I get to use up all my scraps!!!!! YAY!!  Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I decided if my craft room was cleaner, I would use it more. So what started out as straightening up a few little sections, turned into an all night event. We have been "snowed in" so to speak for three days. Its NC and we got two inches. I am feeling a bit closed in. So where do I escape ….. my favorite room in the house.

Back to the list book :)  I wanted to make a small enough one to fit in my bag so I could keep it with me in case inspiration hits. Now in reality, my bag could probably fit one of my children in it with room to spare,  but I wanted to keep it small so that I could keep it with me. Ok, maybe not so much for when inspiration hits but more for when I think of a great list idea and can't remember the great idea by the time I get home, or five minutes later, for that matter.  I added lots of pockets and a large piece of graph paper so I could write down ideas for lists. Every page in it is scraps from my scrap box. Including a couple of pages from an Amy Tangerine daybook that my dog had gotten a hold of and played keep away with for a half an hour. (He wouldn't even give it up for a bone!!!) The poor book couldn't be saved, but I did cut down some of the pages he had left untouched. I was actually more upset that I didn't think to take a picture. 

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