23 July 2012

Fabric Day Book

This is a view of the whole book ...each page cascades, pages get a little big longer each time :)

Ooops I did it again.....this is getting really really bad LOL


  1. ooh pretty!
    we need to start a book binders anonymous group lol

  2. yea, this is getting bad bad bad lol. There is some really pretty pink paper in this set too......tomorrow.

  3. Oh soo cute once again. Anne, it is getting bad. And guess what? I am working on a post for another binding method! I know. It's terrible! Love the fabric paper Anne!!!

  4. LMAO Another one? Oh boy!! So glad I have more paper then I know what to do with. And with the punches.........I am feeling a psychic moment coming on...yep, yep...there it is.....I foresee more Day Book's in my future. LOL


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