16 July 2012

Agenda Book I made tonight


two of the SMASH calendars

Envelope and homemade matchbook notepad

Bike Page

Small Clock sheet (may add post it stacks to it)

Next two months

vintage postcard size journal card

Vintage look journal card and envelope page (lunchbox notes found in Target made by Mead)

Receipt page and cloth clock page to pin stuff to

Envelope for stuff

Coupon envelope

Last page

Love this little pocket I found on clearance !!


  1. Very cute! Is it only a few months or an entire year? Either I love it!!!

  2. Its for six - July through December. I ordered the cinch today and it is suppose to come on Wednesday (YAY) lol. I love the ribbon, but I think the binding will be more trustworthy. Lets see how it comes out. I always wanted to do a giveaway!!


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