21 February 2013


 On a Daybook roll......


Finally got my new craft room up running and slightly organized. Thanks to a hubby who likes to build stuff :) Working on my February Daily and making a few books. 

Chevron Daybook.

Only mistake I made is the two center pages (the cloud page and the cloud writing paper are UPSIDE down lol) Sort of like my life right now, I guess. I was going to pull out the stitching and fix. ( I had originally wanted to put the book in my Etsy shop) but I have decided to actually use the book for myself. Since moving to North Carolina, my life feels a little upside down at times. That's O.K. though.......upside down or change is good.

French Writing Paper DayBook


Found Fry Paper Liners in World Market Store. Sealed up the one side to make a pocket.

Again, this was originally to be an Etsy Shop book, but I don't like the way the stitching came out. Just means more books for me to fill up and use :)  


  1. i am always making stuff for my Etsy shop that I want to keep >.> usually I will list it for more than I intended to, as like "separation fee" for my having to give it up LOL

    What's your etsy shop's name?

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE the second book!! :) So pretty!

  2. Oh good, Its not just me. Sometimes I swear I have accidents with my books on purpose. I have about three books ready to go. We haven't actually set up the full account yet. I am trying to name it for both Alyssa and I. But the name we thought of won't go through. So the shop isn't quite up and running yet. I will post it as soon as I do it. What is YOUR etsy shop. I was going to ask Mimi if I could link her shop to my page and I could do yours too. I want to make a favorites page with a link a bunch of my favorite crafters blogs, sites and with links to their shops. :)


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