03 May 2013

Cloud "Mini" Daybook..

For my May Daily, I decided to do a mini version of the day book. I went to my first ever crop night and met a lot of really nice ladies. Learned a few new techniques and was actually able to finish sewing a daybook. This book is slightly smaller then I am use to making and working with.  My goal is to post updates throughout the month on the progress I make in my book. Here is the daybook I made that I will be using throughout the month.


Hello page was made using Silhouette Cameo.

Banner Page also made using Cameo

My favorite new page to do, a white graph or writing paper page cut to resemble a cloud.      
Happy Scrapping everyone :)


  1. I love it but the cloud paper and graph cloud are my favourite. Can't wait to see how it progresses through the month.

  2. Yea, I have to agree Elaine lol. They are my favorites too. I wish the cloud glitter cover was more photographic. I hope that my hubby catches the hints I have left for my new camera for Mother's day (hehe) I have made that page layout in multiple books. And I am always on the search for different cloud pages.

  3. Super cute as usual. I love the big cloud. You always have such cute shaped pages.


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