24 March 2013

Pastel Colors Daybook. Getting ready for Spring....

Spring is in the air. Well, sort of. It's been kind of chilly here, even in North Carolina. (They tell me it is unseasonably cold........all I can say is BRRRRRRRRR)  So what else is there to do on a chilly and rainy afternoon but lock myself in my craft room and get to work. Trying to keep up with my March Daily. And of course, feeding my daybook creating addiction by making what else....a new daybook. If you get a chance, tell me what you think.

Happy Scrapping!!!


  1. did you double fold the spine to make it fatter? lol cuz i do that too ;) I like it- they are like yummy ice cream colours!

  2. Yep!!! Double Folded. I just love the books THICK THICK. My March daily is HUGE and we still have a week to go LOL. The new daybook I am working on now is also double folded, but I am trying to do more then one stitch. Like they do in all those web tutorials with the signatures. Just having an issue making the pages kind of "work" together. Should be interesting when its done.


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