21 August 2012

Craft Room Woes

I admit it!!! I am a Paper Addict. 

Ok I admit it. I hoard craft paper. Not just scrapbook paper. Any paper. Ephemera is my new addiction. I put it in all our junque journals. (By the way, we like that spelling as it is very Parisian.) Alyssa LOVES anything French. Ok, back on topic. I wander, I know.

My hoarding paper addiction is getting me into trouble. Not with anyone. With my craft room. Which also doubles as my office. In two weeks, my day job will be finished.  I work with special needs children and provide Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy. I couldn't take on any more cases for the new school year when I  knew I would be heading to North Carolina soon.

So crafting is taking over the room. I have paper everywhere. Boxes of paper scraps. (If there is even an inch left of paper, it gets saved) Baskets ( an addiction I have let up on in recent years) now hold note paper of all shapes and sizes. I need more modular draws to keep my paper in. I have cute and funny post its EVERYWHERE. Stacks of them. Lined paper for sticking into junque journals are everywhere. We use the paper. I have paper from 13 years ago still in my collection.

So I figured I would give everyone a peek into my craft room. Which I hope to better organize when I move. One house we are looking at has a basement. Another house has closets with built in shelving in a "study". To me study translates to craft room and built in shelving translates to Paper Holders :) Can you guess which house peeked my interest????
 ~~~~Happy crafting everyone
A & A
Some of its work related, but most is craft. The file boxes hold paper. The shoe boxes hold stamps and inks.

The larger box holds sewing, ribbon and binding supplies as well as a took kit. The smaller box holds my doodling and drawing supplies.

Almost all drawers are paper for crafts. Except two. One holds office supplies. The other computer related papers for the house.

want a second of this one. This is my supply cabinet.  (notice the stack of papers I have no room for to the right of it.LOL)


Pens that didn't fit in the other box.

Sizzix stuff that did NOT fit in the storage boxes.

sizzix and spellbinders dies

my binders- the large black binder holds all my stickers. They are categorized and in page protectors. The smaller two binders hold tags, journal cards and envelopes. All are in trading card pages. :)

My floor is a missLOL. The boxes are from IKEA. They hold .........drum roll.......more paper

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