25 August 2012




Jennifer Crow

Jennifer, I will be sending you an email today. Your package will be in the mail on Friday, August 31st-with extra special goodies as we will be on the road tomorrow for a quick unexpected trip to NC. Sorry for the extra couple of day wait, but I promise Alyssa will make it up to you.

There will be another drawing very soon. So please check back often. Alyssa and I have an extra special book we are currently making and can't wait to show it to you all. We have decided to give a way our first one. 

Thank you all for following our blog. We are trying to keep up with it as much as possible with the move. She has made quite a few new little projects that we will be unveiling when we return. (Her mom has been busy too on some projects, but Alyssa has TAKEN over my craft room).

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