09 August 2012

Hi All!!!!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I just have been sidetracked. We have a bid on our house, so we have to get to packing. (Oh, I get headaches just thinking about it). On top of that we have to get the kids ready for school (so that we can rip them out in a month and transfer them 10 hours away...oh joy) AND hubby is getting ready to retire. <whew>

That's ok because despite all that is going on. I have been smashing and papercrafting and even back to drawing like crazy. (go figure). I guess when I need to push off my list of "things to do" I run to my office and yell MOMMY TIME OUT!!! :)

So later today or tomorrow afternoon (depending on how nice my photo editor plans to be to me) I will upload all that myself A and little a (my daughter) have been working on.

Happy Creating!!!!

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