22 February 2013

Saw a great set of Heidi Swap HOW TO tutorials today and I just had to go and try it out. The only tool I am missing is a paper slicer with the score tool. It came out pretty good for a first try. (And considering I had a lack of good tools for this project) Its back to back binding covered with light chipboard. Each page is asymmetrical and flips up to reveal larger pages. Here is a sneak peek at the cover. Being I am often asked to show my finished pages, I have begun filling it with the theme "Hello NC, Goodby NY". I am using instagram and my cell phone pictures that I have taken since moving to NC.  I will post more in a few days when I am finished the pages.
My work table mess :)
I just wanted to show you that I have in fact begun work on the book and I hope to post the finished pages in a few days.

Happy Scrapping everyone!!!

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