04 March 2013

Something a little different.

I have been working on my monthly dailies and can even say for February and March, I have kept up. (YAY ME). While reading the Daybook Delights facebook page, I came across Scrappy Scrappy's blog and she had made a beautiful daybook using 4x6 cards and washi to bind them. So of course, I had to try. And I have come up with a new way to use them. Often, I have tons of pictures from a single event that happens within the month. Its hard to pick out the "best of the best" pictures, so I am now creating the mini daybooks to document and record special occasions and events from the month. The mini album documents our annual "March Party" in honor of my parents. This year, Alyssa and I traveled to New York to celebrate with my family.

I will post later today the inside of both books as I am hoping to begin daily blog posts with our latest crafting projects.

Happy Scrapping!!!!

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