05 March 2013

As Promised.......

Here are the inside views of both the mini book (which is still a work in progress) and the larger book, my March Daily. 

  I am still working in the book but I wanted to show a fun way to document single or small events. Thanks to the Scrappy Scrappy blog for the WONDERFUL idea!!!  

Here is how I made mine: I cut 4x6 cards and taped them end to end (starting with the first two pages. Instead of just washi, I ran a strip of tape from my ATG gun (to give it a stronger hold). I tend to be very rough with my books as I usually throw them in my pocketbook in case I come across a "scrapable moment" :) As I added pages, the edge became very tacky.  For the final bind, I added a strip of washi down the center (over the tacky binding). I then ran more tape down the side of each (front and back covers next to the binded edge) and folded the washi over the binding. (to give it a more notebook like look). On to this month's Daily:

March Daily

My title page and day 1. Still working on the inside cover, I wanted to use it to add little bits of goodies (receipts, cards, etc.) from the whole month.
Because I only wanted to add one single picture, I made a flip out card to hold the picture, instead of using another full page. Page one is about my goals and things I would like to accomplish for the month of March.

March 2nd is just a few pictures from my March Mini Journal.  The mini book documents the whole party.

Day three is mostly journaling, although we did have a bird fly into our car window while we were enroute back from the airport. (I swear this was a pterodactyl and not really a bird!!) It cracked the window from center all the way across. I used an outline die cut of a mason jar because I wanted to use the graph paper page for journaling directly on.

When all else fails, I take pictures of the family. My husband is on a cooking kick (he is retired and has now realized his talent of cooking. My daughter had a presentation on Michael Jackson and my son had his first day of driving. (Eeeeeeeek.......When did he get old enough to drive?????)


  1. Oh I love it! Good job! SO much cuteness!

  2. Love the jars and that cloud tag is fabulous!

  3. Thanks Valia and Mimi!!! The cloud tag is Amy Tangerine set for the Cameo. I think my husband may be sorry he bought me that for our anniversary. I play on it constantly LOL.


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