09 March 2013

Washi journal book

Here is a quick little project. This is my latest Washi Journal/Daybook. For each 4x6 card I ran a strip of tape from my ATG gun down each connecting side of the pages. Then put a coordinating strip of washi over it. After building the book up with pages, the outside edge became tacky, so I ran a strip of camera film tape down the center and folded over the edges. I like these little mini books. I can document a single event in them, they are small and easier to store. And the tape/washi combo makes them pretty strong so they survive in my purse. Its like having your own mini brag book - Daybook style.

Tag is there to show size. Book is 4"wide by 6" tall.

Washi Film tape used with ATG for binding

My favorite page

Happy Scrapping


  1. ooh you have some cute washi tape! lol i like the cloud one & the film strip is cool! Very cool little book :)

  2. Thanks to you both!!! Its a fun little project. Not sure what I will use this book for, but the size is great for a single event.

  3. This is adorable! I love all the combinations of patterns.


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