07 March 2013

Ok, so in hopes of keeping up with my blog on a more consistent basis, I decided today to post the next few completed pages of my March Daily. Basically, I am all thumbs when it comes to posting on my blog. My pictures have yucky (yes, that is the technical term) lighting, I crop but forget to straighten my photographs and have been even known for posting upside down photos. (You just have to tilt your head, right????.) Oh wait, I also have a blur issue......I like to keep everyone guessing as to whether or not their glasses are doing their job hehe. Ok, so we have definitely determined that the computer savvy end of my blog escapes me. As I look wistfully at the many talented scrapbooking, journaling, artsy and cute blogs of the many people I follow, I can think only one thing.......My talent does NOT lie in computer savvy. Coffee and crafts is it for me. So imagine my surprise when my coffee pot revolted against me today. Maybe it is over use??????? ( 13 cups of coffee in one day is normal, right?) Ok, so I may have overworked the poor Keurig. I have named her Sally. We are the best of friends. But I guess with it being all take and no give on my part she shut down on me this morning and I had to resort to my single cup ceramic filter which makes absolutely wonderful coffee. And then I go to my computer. The other "enemy" out to get me today. To post the pictures. Ummmmmm. I think the electronics have begun to conspire against me in the wee hours of the morning. Well, I still haven't figured out the lighting and the blur issue. But I promise you all that the pictures are right side up :)

Happy Scrapping!!

The page on the right are notes my husband and I had left for each other. The left side is Day 5.....when my son had a really bad day, my husband decided that brownies make it all better :)

Day 6 was my "winnings" at a Lia Sophia party. The two hour party lasted four hours because we couldn't stop laughing. Day 7 was my husband's latest Chef experience. He may have a new career in his future.

I have so many pages in this day book because I just kept adding paper when I made it, I decided to extend my seventh day into my craft room "mess" while I was creating :)


  1. i love that you included the little notes :)
    oh and just wanted to say that yes, 13 cups of coffee in one day is totally normal ;) just ask my coffee maker!

  2. Your coffee maker and my coffee maker should meet. Maybe a little encouragement, and "sally" will generate coffee when I ask, not just when she feels like it :)


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